Booking Information


Under 20 Pounds

$20 per day


Under 70 Pounds

$25 per day


 70 + Pounds

$28 per day

Charges begin on the day you leave your pet and finish on the day you pick-up. You may check in and check out your pet any time between 9AM – 12 NOON and 3PM – 6PM 365 Days Per Year.  

Early Check out - Customers picking up early will be charged for the full boarding period booked.

Customers wishing to to book over Federal Holidays will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit equivalent to two days boarding.

Customers may pay with Cash, Personal Check or Credit Card. Credit card payments will incur a 2.75% convenience fee.

Online Boarding Contract


Up to date records must be provided for the following vaccinations: Distemper, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza, Bordetella and Rabies. To ensure the health and safety of all our canine guests, we do not accept home vaccinations in lieu of vaccinations for any pets. Vaccinations must be administered at least 48 hours prior to arrival by a licensed veterinarian. Written proof of each vaccination is required. Our strict "no proof no entry" policy is stringently enforced. Canine Influenza is not required but highly recommended to help protect against Canine Influenza Respiratory illness.


Fleas & Ticks

All pets should be free from fleas and ticks. Upon arrival any canine guest showing signs of fleas and/or ticks will not be permitted to check in to Lakeside.



We provide Kuranda beds, fleeces and blankets for your dog’s comfort. Please do not bring your own dog’s bed, duvet or blankets from home as these are difficult to keep clean. However, a small item of clothing that smells of you is recommended to help with separation anxiety.


Food and Treats

We feed IAMS (maintenance diets only). Any special diet foods your pet requires must be provided by you, especially where dogs have a history of stress-induced diarrhea. If you supply your own food, please place in plastic bags labeled with your pet's name. Treats (except rawhide bones) are also welcome.



We will administer prescribed "ORAL ONLY" medications if they're in the vet's original container at no additional cost.


For safety all dogs must be wearing a suitable collar. Choke, chain or pinch are not acceptable

We ask that you verify certain information at the time of arrival at Lakeside Boarding  Kennels. To make the check in process easy and faster, you can fill and submit this online form prior to arrival.

We are offering 10% discount for the second dog, or third from same family, no necessarily need to stay in the same kennel, and 25% if the dogs are in the same kennel. 

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