Dogs Accommodations

Our kennel are fitted with a customized Maso'n Sani-kennel system for your pets comfort and safety in addition swing doors leading to external runs. Elevated beds with fleece covers are provided for comfortable, durable, and easy clean bedding. T.V. and soothing night-time is available to help provide a stress free environment for our canine guests whilst our state of the art HVAC system maintains ideal kennel temperatures and low humidity levels. The kennels are covered by Security Camera's equipped with sound monitoring.

Exercise and Play

Our doggy guests will be afforded a minimum of four exercise periods per day at no additional cost to you the owner. Additionally, each of our doggy guests will be given the opportunity to take a bathroom break prior to sleep time at 9 p.m. Individual and supervised group play sessions will be subject to weather, the dog’s suitability to socialize and with the owner’s permission. Your dog will get a lot of exercise on our play yards and rotating activities like puzzle toys and snuffle mats. For those who prefer calm and more relaxed times, they can enjoy our movies playing on the kennels TV during daylight hours, and some relaxing music for bed times.

Grooming and  Bathing

Dogs can be groomed daily at the owner's request for a minimal charge depending on breed and size. We also offer exit baths at for an additional cost, complementary bath are available when you dog spent over 7 days with us. 

Veterinary Cover

Our local Veterinarian provides 24/7 emergency cover in the unlikely event that your pet requires it. This cover is provided by Rolla Animal Hospital. However, should you require your own Veterinarian for emergency cover this will need to be arranged by you.

**Safety is our number priority, your pet will enjoy a relaxed stay with us, a lot of personal attention, we offer 24 hrs. residential supervision, we lived here, your pet is never alone!

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